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Planet Doughnut opens in Telford

Written by Duncan Mcgregor


In late 2019 we saw the main shop and 2nd site in Shrewsbury were doing OK, but knew if we wanted to expand beyond Shrewsbury we would need a new site, but one that we could easily service from our bakery in Shrewsbury.  We considered Chester, Oswestry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Telford.

The choice was narrowed down to Chester and Telford, and with a site opening up in Telford the choice became easier as it seemed ideal.  It had been vacant for a number of years and from memory it was a pretzel stand.  It suited our model of aiming for takeaway only rather than sit in and was in the main square of Telford shopping centre.

Fast forward 3 months and it was early December and we were told we could get the keys in 2 weeks.  We knew we needed to be in over the busy Christmas period, so started buying up units and building what we could.  From experience of our other 2 sites it was a little easier to replicate and we wont for the biggest doughnut counter to date holding over 20 varieties of doughnuts if we wanted.

We took this opportunity to really strengthen our brand, keep the deep teal blue at the forefront and make use of our team to expand on our doodle artwork that we started on the boxes in 2017.

The build itself took 1 week, and that was 12 hour days from myself and the team.  We thought a bit cleverer this time and bought prefab kitchen units so all we had to do was built a wooden counter frame.  We used our good friend Walter to make the doughnut cabinet again and did all the wall painting and doodling ourselves.  using local tradesman to install the plumbing, electrics and signage.

Like we said earlier it was a chance to really strengthen our branding, and look to the future in either having more of our own shops or franchising the business.  The doodle has always been on the box but was very Shrewsbury centric, so have redrawn it to include more of Telford for this launch on the walls, and free handed more as we decorated the shop.  Our counter fronts are now our blue with our ghosted logo and more clearer text on what we do.

The social media explained came from google, and matching our font with the blue of our brand it really created a standout feature wall.  The menus were cleaned up with clearer fonts, larger fonts and less clutter.  We’ve done away with the multiple offers to keep it more consistent and in the same vain reduced the prices of the deals.


The store launch had a queue much bigger than when we first opened and the reception we got in Telford was absolutely amazing.

Where next?

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Planet Doughnut opens in Shrewsbury

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