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Planet Doughnut  Launched



The new handcrafted doughnut company that is Planet Doughnut officially launched on the 18th December 2017.

The idea of handcrafting doughnuts and selling them locally has been a long time coming since we sold our last business before the birth of our son Kai in June 2017.

There’s something about doughnuts that makes everybody smile and the possibilities to create fantastic creations is almost endless.  It started after we saw a gap in the market in Shropshire and as avid bakers decided we could be the ones who filled it.

We started in early September, testing small batches of doughnuts and perfecting the mix.  After a lot of trial and error we nailed a light fluffy yeast raised dough and tested the end doughnuts on our family and friends.

One of our test batch of doughnuts

The results came back positive and we were spurred on to try more flavour combinations and start planning out how we would market and sell the doughnuts.

Thats when we decided if we’re going to do this we were not going to make the same mistakes we did with SY1Protein and drafted a full business plan, laid out a timeline and spoke to the bank to secure funds for commercial machinery.

Just the best and biggest doughnuts that we have ever tried with the most lovely service possible!

We’re starting off in our garage which has been converted into a micro kitchen and all the machinery has been setup, tested and working.  So far we have done around 6 individual orders plus a few more trial batches for flavours.

Our first batch of orders gave us some amazing 5 star reviews and were hoping to build on this everytime we have an order.

The website launches any day now, offering next day delivery so we know what we have to fulfil on a daily basis.  Coming up in January 2018 is us going live on Zoom Food the local delivery service for Shrewsbury, along with some corporate events we’ve been booked for and hopefully some markets in Shropshire.

In 2018 were hoping to secure a retail outlet somewhere in Shrewsbury town centre, and are actively looking for a site now.

Once we have a brick and mortar doughnut shop in Shrewsbury it will allow us to offer coffee to takeaway, as well as same day delivery and pickup.

Two things that are on the top of our to do list once we get a shop will be monthly tasting events, where we trial out new flavour combinations and take feedback from the night to change existing flavours or introduce new ones.  And the other thing Sam is most looking forward to is the “decorate your own doughnut” events we will be planning if we find a shop with a second floor.

Hopefully January and February will be kind to us, and as we progress we will chart the progress of our small independent business right here on the blog.

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