Our world is your doughnut

Established in 2017 with a vision of bringing artisan doughnuts to our home town of Shrewsbury.  It all came about whilst Sam was on maternity and the idea of making fresh doughnuts and getting creative with colours and flavours evolved into what is now Planet Doughnut.
The doughnuts are handcrafted in our micro kitchen daily.  Opting for yeast raised doughnuts ofset with a delicious mix of classic flavours mixed with international flavours we’ve already established a loyal following in a short period of time.

We’re starting small and steady and hope to have a brick and mortar store within early 2018 to maintain a high street presence in Shrewsbury.  Local farmers markets and local deliveries to SY1, SY2 & SY3 is only the beginning.

We want to make the best doughnuts and handcraft yeast raised doughnuts, which are hand rolled, hand cut, hand fried and hand decorated.

When it comes to flavours we wanted to recreate those classic doughnut recipes but at the same time experiement with new and exciting flavour combinations that look both visually stunnign and taste amazing.

We carefully curate our toppings to capture childhood memories of freshly baked apple crumbles, rich chocolate fudge cake blended with the latest crazes for sweet & chocolate bar doughnuts.

We take our inspiration from not only other doughnut store flavours but from our customers.  Thats where our world is your doughnut.  We take feedback through our markets, social media and online and look to create what you imagine.  Make sure you sign up to our newsletter for our regular monthly tasting events.

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