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the doughnuts | our festive range

This is a selection of our doughnuts that we are offering through the festive period

We only run a small selection on the day, so if you want particular ones then best to check ahead before you travel to see if we are running them.

You can phone the shop following the numbers on our locations page.

after eight

chocolate marzipan

festive dodger

Caramac - Planet Doughnut

festive terrys

irish creme brownie

rudolph chocolate

fererro rocher - planet doughnut

santa baby

black forest gateau

christmas pudding

festive rocher

gingerbread cream

Salty Lion - Planet Doughnut

lemon cheesecake

new york cheesecake

salted caramel biscoff

lemon filled - planet doughnut


mighty churro - planet doughnut

yule log

burt the snowman

cookies and cream

festive sprinkles

gold bar

jam filled classic - planet doughnut


salty santa


the doughnuts | 2020 summer menu

This is a selection of our doughnuts that we are offering through the summer. 

We only run a small selection on the day, so if you want particular ones then best to check ahead before you travel to see if we are running them. 

You can phone the shop following the numbers on our locations page.

salted biscoff

Another Planet Doughnut original.  Caramel icing topped with crushed Lotus Biscuit and filled with a decedant salted caramel filling.


Delicious vannilla icing dipped in crushed Oreo crumb, filled with a sweet cream and topped with Oreo biscuit  and iced drizzle just for fun!

caramel twix

Smooth milk chocolate icing, dipped in biscuit crumb and filled with sweet toffee sauce.  Then topped with a mini Twix and caramel drizzle

Caramac - Planet Doughnut


Smooth caramel icing filled with sweet toffee sauce.  Then topped with crushed Caramac Bar and a slice for good measure.

lemon & blueberry cream

Our signature yeast raised dough covered with lemon icing, lemon sugar and filled with a sweet blueberry cream cheese frosting

terry's choc orange

Milk chocolate orange icing filled with a tangy orange curd filling.  Topped with a slice of classic Terry’s Chocolate orange with orange curls

fererro rocher - planet doughnut

ferrero rocher

Milk chocolate icing sprinkled with crushed hazlenuts then filled with warm Nutella.  Finished off with a whole Ferrero Rocher.

mighty churro - planet doughnut

mighty churro

Cinnamon sugared doughnut either as a plain ring doughnut or pipe warm Nutella in the centre for a tasty Spanish treat

jammie d

Strawberry icing, filled with strawberry jam and biscuit crumb and topped with half a Jammie Dodger biscuit.

Nutella Cookie

Milk chocolate icing with a centre filled with Nutella chocolate, dipped in cookie crumb and finished off with more cookie 🙂


Dark Milk chocolate dipped in shortbread biscuit crumb, filled with a sweet toffee sauce and a slice of Millionaires shortbread.

party ring 2.0

Fruits of the forest purple icing with a generous helping of sprinkles and 3 well placed Party Rings for good measure 🙂

Salty Lion - Planet Doughnut

the salty lion

Caramel icing filled with Salted Caramel sauce, then dipped in crushed Lion Bar and a slice in the middle for added crunch!

new york cheesecake

new york cheesecake

New York Cheesecake icing dipped in golden Oreo crumb and filled with Cream Cheese frosting.  Simple but oh sooo delicious.

lemon filled - planet doughnut

lemon filled

Our classic yeast riased doughnut, dusted with icing sugar around the edges then filled with a tangy lemon curd.

snickers doughnut - planet doughnut


Our classic doughnut filled with caramel sauce and dipped in milk chocolate icing and honey roasted peanuts on the side.


One of our best sellers.  A yeast raised doughnut filled with Kinderalla cream, topped with milk chocolate finished off with a Kinder Bueno.

the homer

The O.G classic doughnut – Homer Simpson would be proud!  Our signature yeast raised doughnut dipped in strawberry icing & sprinkles

The minty one!

Mint Aero overload! Mint icing topped with aero crumb and aero bubbles and filled with a chocolate cream

Cherry Bakewell

Marzipan flavoured icing with a drizzle of flaked almonds filled with delicious cherry pie filling! The Cherry Bakewell is a classic Planet Doughnut

jam filled classic - planet doughnut

classic jam

We take the middle out of the doughnut and fill it full of mixed fruit jam, and dust the sides with icing sugar.  Simple but amazing!

the bobbly one

Vanilla icing dipped in multicoloured hundereds and thousands.  Then we take the middle out and fill it with yummy cream cheese frosting. 

reeses caramel

Our signature yeast raised doughnut topped with peanut butter caramel icing filled with Nutella and a slice of Reeses .

lemon cheesecake - planet doughnut

lemon cheesecake

One of the original Planet Doughnuts given a makeover.  Lemon icing, more lemon curd filling and a hint of sweet cream cheese buttercream.



Salted Caramel blended with a fresh doughnut and ice cream then topped with whipped cream, caramel and the rest of the doughnut.


Vanilla icecream mixed with salted caramel sauce & syrup, blended salty pretzels and finsihed with whipped cream and sauce


Bubblegum syrup, vanilla ice cream and then covered with whipped cream, bubblegum bottles & bubblegum dust.


We took tangy lemon sauce, added lemon syrup and mixed it with custard cream crumb and vanilla ice cream for a refreshing milkshake.


A really simple but amazing tasting shake! Nutella blended with vanilla ice cream! It really is that simple 🙂


Strawberries blended with ice cream, strawberry syrup and covered with whipped cream and strawberry sauce.


Our cherry bakewell doughnut in milkshake form!  Marzipan, cherrys and cream – what else do you need?


Another classic doughnut in shake form!  Caramel sauce, biscoff biscuits and vanilla ice cream all blended into this fine shake!


Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, a good chunk of brownie and blended into this amazing shake!  Topped with whipped cream and more!


Oreos blended with white chocolate, vanilla ice cream and topped with Oreo crumb and whipped cream.


Banana syrup blended with creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream and more.


Vanilla ice cream and milk!  Its that simple 🙂  We can add some marshmallows to jazz it up of you like of course 🙂


Iced Coffee

Our speciality coffee available over ice or blended.  You wont find a more refreshing and tasty coffee in Shrewsbury.

Iced Tea

Choose from a delicious flavoursome Lemon & Ginger ice tea, or a Rhubarb & Custard variety for a refreshing summer brew.


With a variety of flavours these yummy smoothies are served only in our Shrewsbury shop.


Speciality Coffee by Iron & Fire

We serve up a seasonal blend of Iron & Fire roasted Columbian beans, with everything from Espresso, Americano, Lattes, Cappuchinos & more available by our in-house Barista.

Speciality Tea by Tea Pigs

Drop a Tea Pigs tea temple into your drink and experience a raft of different flavours from all over the world.  You will be spoilt for choice with our choice of tea.

Harrys Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate mix is to die for, not only does it come in 5 different flavours but we add our own syrups to make some outstanding hot chocolate concoctions.


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