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Our Story

Established in 2017, Planet Doughnut is a small independent business run by husband & wife team, Duncan and Sam McGregor. We’re 1st generation bakers and before this had never made a doughnut in our lives.  We now handcraft fresh doughnuts daily at our store, featuring classic and internationally inspired flavors. Founded in Shrewsbury, Shropshire we strive to infuse our doughnuts with the latest flavours and American inspired designs.

Our journey started in our garage, where Chef Duncan developed our signature flavors: Toffee Crisp and Lemon & White Chocolate. While in our garage, we operated through social media, catering, and event pop ups and gained quite a following.

In April 2018, we got the keys to our first brick and mortar store on Claremont Hill, in Shrewsbury town centre. In May 2018 we will open our first ever store serving up 20 varieties of doughnuts 5 days a week along with speciality coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more.


Why doughnuts

It’s true before Planet Doughnut, we had never made a doughnut in our lives.  We did however have a huge love for doughnuts and everywhere we travelled we would always seek out the local take on this doughy treat.  We followed the big American doughnut companies and sampled them whenever we could.  We both loved baking and experimenting in the kitchen and it has spiralled from there really.  Six months later, we now share our wacky creations and fresh doughnuts with all of Shropshire.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: handcraft the perfect doughnut, pair it with locally roasted coffee, and serve it with a smile.

We carefully curate each our of toppings, fillings and glazes to ensure a fine balance of flavours but also looks.  Our yeast raised dough is prepared and rolled by hand on a daily basis.  We take inspiration from our customers and produce limited edition doughnuts and collaborations to celebrate events or festivals.

We cant wait to see you in our store on Claremont Hill where you will be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome to Planet Doughnut!



Here at Planet Doughnut HQ we have a passion for making the very best doughnuts.  We handcraft every single doughnut from cutting all the way through to decorating and love coming up with fabulous flavour combinations. 

24 Claremont Hill, Shrewsbury
Shropshire, SY1 1RD
Phone: 01743 360200
Email: orders@planet-doughnut.co.uk


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